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Our Peace Bus project will someday be ready for pop-up shows/open mics, music production/recording, multimedia design/editing, tours, and exhibitions. But meanwhile, thankfully our partners at Que4 Studios have recently activated a new bus that is far more ready to use for these purposes, with a special focus on web broadcast & live show amenities! Visit to learn more about their projects & contact them directly—or if you prefer, contact us about it so we can put you in touch with them! 
Our Space Network can be used for community events, youth classes, music and dance rehearsals, photo and video shoots, film screenings, art exhibits, meetings, audio recording, multimedia production, painting, sculpting, and so much more. We and our partners have a wide range of professional production equipment and facilities to help you manifest your visions! 
Our Artist Network is full of talented, experienced professionals who love to create, mentor, and serve. If you have an event or project that could use artists for any of these purposes, whether by hire or volunteer, we will happily connect you to the willing and able.
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