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Board of Directors

JOSHUA "YESHUA" GUNTY (BA 2010, International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame). As an artist/community organizer committed to peacebuilding, Joshua serves widely as a producer, curator, performer, technician, and educator for various partners in Chicago and beyond--such as Blue1647, Burners Without Borders, Canvas, Chi-Ka-Go, Chicago Urban Museum, City Point Church, Creative Cypher, David Lynch Foundation, Electric Forest, FIGMENT, Freakeasy, The Gala, IMAN, Joan B. Kroc Institute, LYRIC Mentoring, New Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Okupa Visual Oaxaca, Sukhava Bodhe, and Quennect 4. Prior to founding Consensus, Joshua spent two years as an AmeriCorps VISTA Paralegal with LAF, helping low-income clients with their food stamps and medical cards while partnering with the Illinois Department of Human Services to improve policy implementation. Meanwhile he also publsihed two volumes of Notre Dame's Journal of Undergraduate Research on Mexico, empowering emerging scholars alongside gripping imagery provided by Chicago's Calles y Sueños. Joshua loves to speak Spanish, play guitar, produce electronic music, sing, and poeticize. 

ANDREA "MAMA" HOOD. A proud and active mother & preacher from Englewood, Andrea has served on the Gage Park High School Parent Advisory Council for two decades. Over the past decade, she has launched her own community organization, ICANOutreach, which sponsors community resource fairs and other neighborhood empowerment events throughout Chicago's Southwest Side. Andrea keeps Consensus connected with and helps give voice to local community residents and groups. 

TYRONE "TRIXTER" WHITESIDE. Tyrone has been doing visual and performing arts around Chicago for 30 years. In the 1980s, he gained fame under his legendary graffiti moniker, Trixter, and continues as a freelance painter. For the past 20 years, Tyrone has focused on youth education, information technology, and nonprofit resource development. He has served as an arts/technology instructor with After School Matters, Coop Image Group, and Austin Polytech High School. He has also developed training curricula for the Center for Neighborhood Technology and Digital Development Corporation. In his work with these and other community organizations, Tyrone has raised over a quarter million dollars in program development grants.

TATA JOSE DUQUE. Now a Toltec Elder, Tata Jose was instructed by his parents on the power of Christian prayer healing. In the 1960s, Tata worked with Cesar Chavez in California and Chicago to support his community organizing efforts. In the 1970s, he was taken under the wing of various Native American Elders from Central and Southern Mexico and the Midwestern and Southwestern United States. More recently, he has been invited to assist Mayan Aj K’ing elders in developing conferences and cultural classes at the Guatemalan Cultural Center in Chicago along with various universities, high schools, and other community centers. He also performs spiritual ceremonies for Metzli Art Gallery in Pilsen.

NICHOLAS GUNTY (MA 2013, New Media, Eastern Illinois University; BFA 2012, Art Studio, University of Notre Dame). An active artist, freelance graphic designer, studio engineer, and musician, Nicholas has been dedicated to the study and pursuit of art in all it's forms. His grant writing and creative talents have brought him across the globe, from Arizona to Uganda, and his artwork from Los Angeles to New York. Currently he resides in Philadelphia and co-pilots the band Frances Luke Accord. At Consensus, Nicholas seeks to utilize his love of artistic expression and for teaching to cultivate the organization's artistic identity both at the structural level and on the ground as a mentor/teacher for its youth programs.







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